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Wall Street Journal Mention

Dr. Gene LeBrenz, commenting on the “Spreading Hayek, Spurning Keynes” article in the 8/28/10 Wall Street Journal (online):


 “This timely article confirms the reality that Obamanomics is a fraud upon all American citizens. It is only free markets that will enable real economic long term growth. The present disingenuous spending by Congress and Obama, coupled with the administration's massive growth in a command economy with its unqualified Czars will economically disadvantage most American citizens.

A recent book published by James R. Keena, 'WE'VE BEEN HAD: How Obama and the Radicals Conned Middle Class America,' extensively documents the degree of fraud leftest radicals have undertaken to overtake capitalism and turn America into a Marxist economy. These Obama Marxists disavow the benefits and success that have been long established in a price-directed economy. Less government, more personal freedom, less bureaucratic regulation, and lower taxes will resolve our current economic problems. Austrian Economic Theory, applied to our current economic issues, will solve our current economic enigma.

Everyone should read Keena's new book 'WE'VE BEEN HAD,' and then they will be convinced to vote out the socialistic representatives in November.”

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