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Meet ACORN (Chapter 8)

“The only involvement I’ve had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the US Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor voter law that helped people get registered at DMV’s.…It had nothing to do with us.  We were not involved.”


                Barack Obama, in 10/15/08 debate with McCain



It is quite a challenge to select the most outrageous lie propagated by Barack Obama.  His resume of untruths is a frightful compilation that has somehow escaped the attention of the mainstream media.  The untruth about ACORN that he fabricated during the 2008 presidential debates is certainly a candidate for the honor of most outrageous.  To suggest that he was not involved with the renegade organization ACORN is like suggesting that a hen is not involved with laying eggs.  Obama worked for ACORN, he was a trainer for ACORN, he was an attorney for ACORN on high-profile cases, he funded ACORN through philanthropic organizations, he paid ACORN to help with his political campaigns, and ACORN operatives actively supported his presidential candidacy.   Obama was ACORN, in the sense that part of his career was spent as a community organizer, which is exactly what the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a collection of. 


This chapter examines the extensive relationship between ACORN and Barack Obama.  ACORN and its shadowy satellite organizations are involved in many radical initiatives, including welfare proliferation, subprime mortgages, minority voter registration, and support for illegal immigration.  According to their website:  “ACORN is the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people with over 400,000 member families organized into more than 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities across the country.”[i]  It is the largest radical group in America.   ACORN’s “People’s Platform” included the proto-fascistic declaration:  “We will continue our fight until the American way is just one way, until we have shared the wealth….”[ii]  This motto is chanted like an article of religious faith at ACORN conventions.   The “People’s Platform” also made demands for gun control, unionization, higher taxes, and government-run healthcare.[iii]  ACORN is essentially a group committed to implementing socialism in America. 


This chapter will show that ACORN is a clear and present danger to the integrity of U.S. financial, electoral, and civil institutions.  The chapter begins with an examination of ACORN’s history.  We will study the key individuals who implemented Saul Alinsky’s concept of using community “disorganizers” to overwhelm the infrastructure of America.  They include Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the Bonnie and Clyde of radical agitators.  They morphed Alinsky’s concepts into a tactic of orchestrated chaos that became known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  A key objective of the strategy was to induce systemic chaos in society to create momentum for a socialist revolution.  According to Cloward, the underclass can only make progress when “the rest of society is afraid of them.”[iv]  In that spirit, ACORN has been investigated for criminal activities in at least 14 states.


This chapter concludes with an examination of Barack Obama’s career-long collaboration with ACORN.  It will show that Obama was outrageously dishonest when he tried to deceive us about this skeleton in his political closet. 





David Horowitz and Richard Poe provided an excellent account of the genesis of ACORN in their book, The Shadow Party.  According to Horowitz and Poe, the story of ACORN began during the racial strife of the 1960’s.  In their words, “On 11 August 1965, the black district of Watts in Los Angeles erupted in violence after police used batons to subdue a man suspected of drunk driving.  Riots raged for six days…leaving 34 dead.  Democrats used the tragedy to promote an expansion of the welfare state, sponsoring new government programs to address the problem of the inner city poor.”[v] 


Two radical Columbia professors viewed such urban violence in the 1960’s as an opportunity for revolution.  Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven believed the growing violence meant that the underclass was finally ready to revolt against capitalism.  However, they considered Johnson’s Great Society programs to be impediments to the revolution, much like how the Romans placated the rabble with free bread and circuses.  In other words, the elites in America were using welfare to patronize the poor with a safety net, in order to prevent revolution.


After the Watts riots, Cloward and Piven proposed to catastrophically overload the Great Society welfare programs, in order to counter the government’s efforts.  Their strategy was formally published as an article titled “The Weight of the Poor:  A Strategy to End Poverty,” in the May 1966 edition of The Nation magazine.[vi]  Their plan was called the Cloward-Piven Strategy.[vii]  


Cloward and Piven observed that poor Americans were only taking advantage of half of the welfare benefits that they could.  Their plan called for “cadres of aggressive organizers” to push more and more people onto the welfare rolls.[viii]  The purpose was not to make life better for the poor, but to overwhelm the welfare system with a tidal wave of additional obligations.  Its subsequent collapse would undermine faith in the American system.  Poor people would then revolt, and society would be compelled to replace capitalism with socialism.   The Cloward-Piven Strategy was designed to lure poor people into becoming revolutionary foot soldiers on the march toward a Marxist state.[ix]


Cloward and Piven observed that overwhelming the welfare system this way would not be just a one-time event, but a continuous drain on societal resources:  “This kind of mass influence is cumulative because benefits are continuous.  Once eligibility for basic food and rent grants is established, the drain on local resources persists indefinitely.”[x]  Their hypothesis has been confirmed by the multi-generational welfare dependency that has emerged in America’s inner cities.


The Cloward-Piven Strategy epitomized the principles of the radical community organizer, Saul Alinsky, who advocated instigating change by forcing organizations to live up to their own well-intentioned rules.   American society is instinctively generous, but it would inevitably fail, no matter how hard it tried, to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the underclass.  This failure would be portrayed as a shortcoming of capitalism, and it would be used to instigate widespread frustration and demands for “change”.  Of course, the “change” recommended by the radical community organizers would be socialism.  Alinsky called this tactic “mass jujitsu”, which meant using the strength of the enemy against itself.  In this case, the strength being used against us was our own generosity and compassion.


Cloward and Piven first targeted their home city of New York, where millions of urban poor and free-spending politicians made it vulnerable to their strategy.[xi]   They enlisted radical black organizer George Wiley to execute their plan.  Wiley was previously the chairman of a Congress for Racial Equality chapter.  His wife, Wretha, was a member of the socialist Students for a Democratic Society.[xii] 


Wiley, a charismatic and respected organizer, began collaborating with Cloward and Piven in 1966.[xiii]   In 1967, he founded the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO).  Its mission was to implement the Cloward-Piven Strategy.[xiv]  He hired agitators to storm welfare offices, bully social workers, and loudly demand benefits for welfare applicants.  By 1969, NWRO had over 500 chapters nationwide.[xv]


In New York City, the prime target of the NWRO, liberal mayor John Lindsay was an easy mark for the radicals.  Protestors laid siege to City Hall, bearing signs saying “no money, no peace.”[xvi]  One case worker said, “People are beginning to act as if help from the government is a right instead of a privilege.”[xvii]  One welfare mother screamed at Mayor Lindsay, “It’s my job to have kids, Mr. Mayor, and your job to take care of them.”[xviii]


The New York Times outlined Wiley’s tactics in 1970: “There have been sit-ins in legislative chambers, including a United States Senate committee hearing, mass demonstrations of several thousand welfare recipients, school boycotts, picket lines, mounted police, tear gas, arrests—and, on occasion, rock-throwing, smashed glass doors, overturned desks, scattered papers, and ripped out phones.”[xix]


Lindsay appeased the mob with increased welfare spending.  He appointed Mitchell Ginsberg as welfare commissioner.  Ginsberg was a Columbia colleague of Cloward and Piven, and equally radical. [xx]  When he made it easier to qualify for welfare, he was nicknamed “Come-and-Get-It” Ginsberg.[xxi]


The burden on New York City was staggering as welfare spending skyrocketed.  According to Sol Stern of the Manhattan Institute, “By the early 1970’s, one person was on the welfare rolls in NYC for every two working in the city’s private economy.”[xxii]


According to Horowitz and Poe, “Wiley’s movement had been an economic disaster for American taxpayers and a social catastrophe for millions of poverty-stricken Americans who, thanks to Wiley’s efforts, became locked in the cycle of welfare dependency….New York City-the financial capital of the world-effectively went bankrupt in 1975.  The entire state of New York was nearly taken down with it.”[xxiii] 


Rudy Giuliani, who became Mayor of New York in 1994, described the tragic results of Cloward and Piven’s handiwork as “an effort at economic sabotage.”[xxiv]  He cited Cloward and Piven for seeding the cultural transition to viewing welfare as a long-term entitlement rather than a short-term safety net.    


The NWRO had similar “success” around the country.  Sol Stern wrote in the City Journal:  “From 1965 to 1974, the number of single-parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times.”[xxv]


The NWRO became a launching pad for ACORN.  In June 1969, Wade Rathke, a member of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), was hired to help start an NWRO chapter in Massachusetts.  George Wiley then sent him to Little Rock, Arkansas to lead an experimental new organization in June 1970.[xxvi]  The “Arkansas experiment” was an attempt to build a more inclusive community organizing network that would reach out to a broader spectrum of the underclass, and that would address social issues beyond just welfare.  Arkansas was chosen because of its demographics and because significant “War on Poverty” money was flowing into the state.[xxvii]


Rathke called his new group the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.  He trained civil rights workers to be Alinsky-style community organizers.  Later, when he opened chapters in other states, he changed the name to Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. 


Many of ACORN’s leaders came from the NWRO and were disciples of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven Strategy.[xxviii]  According to Sol Stern, ACORN promoted “a 1960’s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism, central planning, victimology, and government handouts to the poor.”  It pushed for “ever-more government control of the economy” and economic “redistributionism.”[xxix] 


Stern wrote, “Walk through just about any of the nation’s inner cities, and you’re likely to find an office of ACORN, bustling with young people working 12 hour days to ‘organize the poor’ and bring about ‘social change’….It (ACORN) boasts two radio stations, a housing corporation, a law office, and affiliate relationships with a host of trade-union locals.  Not only big, it is effective, with some remarkable successes in getting municipalities and state legislatures to enact its radical policy goals into law.”[xxx]


ACORN’s impact today is most visible in America’s electoral process.  This was an intentional strategy nurtured by Cloward and Piven for decades.  They outlined their plan for this in a 1982 article titled “A Movement Strategy to Transform the Democratic Party.”[xxxi] 


Cloward and Piven proposed to do to the voting system what they had done to the welfare system.  They wanted to flood the polls with millions of new underclass voters to tilt the balance of political power leftward in America.[xxxii]   ACORN and splinter groups Project Vote and Human SERVE, both founded in 1982, were the main organizations that propagated this new vision.[xxxiii]


Cloward and Piven intended to use Alinsky’s “mass jujitsu” to make the Democratic Party honor its ostensible mission as an advocate of the poor.  According to David Horowitz and Richard Poe in their book The Shadow Party, “The expected conflict would also expose the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, which would be ‘disrupted and transformed,’ the authors predicted.  A new party would rise from the ashes of the old.  Outwardly, it would preserve the forms and symbols of the old Democratic Party, but the new Democrats would be genuine partisans of the poor, dedicated to class struggle.”[xxxiv] 


Cloward and Piven embraced Alinsky’s notion that “the resources of the Have-Nots are (1) no money and (2) lots of people….People can show their power by voting.”[xxxv]  According to Newsmax, “By advocating massive no-holds-barred voter registration campaigns, they (Cloward and Piven) sought a Democratic administration in Washington D.C. that would redistribute the nation’s wealth and lead to a totalitarian leftist state.”[xxxvi]


ACORN’s website reported:  “Since 2004, ACORN has helped more than 1.7 million low-and moderate-income and minority citizens apply to register to vote.”[xxxvii]  ACORN’s subsidiary, Project Vote, claims to have registered four million voters.[xxxviii] 


A critical part of the strategy was to not only register millions of underclass voters, but also to disable the checks and balances in the electoral process itself.  In order to loosen the standards for voter registration and to weaken the ability of officials to police the process, ACORN and its affiliate organizations, Project Vote and Human SERVE, pushed for the National Voter Registration Act (the “Motor-Voter” law).  When Bill Clinton signed this legislation in 1993, Cloward and Piven stood behind him in places of honor.[xxxix] 


According to Horowitz and Poe, “The Motor-Voter bill eliminated many controls on voter fraud, making it easy to register but difficult to determine the validity of new registrations.  Under the new law, states were required to provide opportunities for registration to any person who showed up at a government office to renew a driver’s license or apply for welfare or unemployment benefits.  ‘Examiners were under orders not to ask anyone for identification or proof of citizenship,’ notes Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund in his book Stealing Elections.  ‘States also had to permit mail-in voter registrations, which allowed anyone to register without personal contact with a registrar or election official.  Finally, states were limited in pruning ‘deadwood—people who had died, moved, or been convicted of crimes—from their rolls.’”[xl] 


The Motor-Voter Law made it easier for registrations to be submitted in the name of ineligible or non-existent people, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  The law was cited as a breeding ground for voter fraud.  According to the Wall Street Journal: “After 9/11, the Justice Department found that eight of the 19 hijackers were registered to vote....”[xli]  Richard Cloward, the intellectual inspiration for ACORN, told CBS News in 1996, “It’s better to have a little fraud than to leave people off the rolls who belong there.”[xlii]


“A little fraud” is an appallingly disingenuous way to describe the alleged criminal activity of ACORN.  Here are some examples of how ACORN corrupted America’s voter registration process:


  • ·         Hundreds of thousands of ACORN voter registrations have been determined to be fraudulent. The fraud includes phony names, false addresses, and duplicate registrations.


  • ·         5,000 voters registered by ACORN in St. Louis were sent letters by election officials asking for a reply.  Fewer than 40 responded.


  • ·      In Mississippi, Madison County has 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18.  Mississippi’s Secretary of State said, “It is terrible.  Combined with the fact that we don’t have voter ID in Mississippi, anybody can show up at any poll that happens to know the people who have left town or died—and go vote for them.”  


  • ·         ACORN submitted over 237,000 voter registrations in Ohio, a key battleground state.  Some counties in Ohio now have more registered voters than eligible voters.  The Wall Street Journal noted:  “In Ohio in 2004, a worker for one ACORN affiliate was given crack cocaine in exchange for fraudulent registrations that included underage voters, dead voters, and pillars of the community named Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, and Jive Turkey.”


  • ·         In 2007, ACORN workers in Washington State submitted thousands of fraudulent registrations, including “voters” like “Frekkie Magoal” and “Fruto Boy Crispila”.  A prosecutor called it “an act of vandalism upon the voter rolls.”  ACORN was fined $25,000 after their employees were convicted of voter registration fraud.


  • ·         ACORN registered the entire Dallas Cowboys starting line-up to vote -- in Nevada.


  • ·         In Detroit, with 600,000 residents 18 years or older, over 610,000 active voter registration cards are allegedly in circulation.  With national voter registration rates at around 65%, the number of real registered Detroit voters is likely about 420,000.          


  • ·         The registrar in Las Vegas said 48% of ACORN’s registrations “are clearly fraudulent.”  Nevada’s Attorney General said that ACORN’s training manuals “clearly detail, condone, and, indeed, require illegal acts."  A Clark County official saw “rampant fraud in the 2,000 to 3,000 registrations that ACORN turns in every week.”  In May 2009, Nevada officials charged ACORN with 39 felonies for voter registration fraud.


How did ACORN feel about the indictments?  “We’ve had bad publicity before,” said ACORN’s head organizer in Nevada.  “We’re just community organizers, just like the president used to be.”[liv]  In other words, ACORN’s voter registration fraud is merely “bad publicity,” rather than something fundamentally wrong.


George Soros has aligned his forces with ACORN.  Soros and ACORN founder Wade Rathke are tightly connected.  Rathke was not only the Chief Organizer of ACORN, he was on the boards of the Tides Foundation and its sister group, the Tides Center.[lv]  Maya Wiley, the daughter of George Wiley, is a board member of the Tides Center.  She was formerly an advisor to Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI).  Since 1999, Soros has contributed $17 million to the Tides Center.[lvi] 


Soros and his OSI have also contributed heavily to ACORN.  We will examine Soros’s massive influence on the various organizations that orbit the Democratic Party in the next chapter, but it is important here to discuss one of his initiatives, the Secretary of State Project (SoSP).  The SoSP is the icing on the cake for ACORN’s electoral shenanigans.


The SoSP is funding Secretary of State candidates in key battleground states who are friendly to the ACORN vision.  With sympathetic Secretaries of State in control of election protocol, it will be very difficult to prevent ACORN-orchestrated voter fraud.  According to Fox News, the goal of the SoSP is to “target and capture the obscure, often overlooked office and implement election rule changes that give Democrats a better chance of winning a plurality.  Among those changes that SoSP calls ‘election protection,’ are a loosening of voter registration requirements and a lessening of efforts to prevent fraudulent voting….”[lvii]


Democracy Alliance, a group created by billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis, is funding the SoSP.[lviii]  The SoSP was founded in July 2006 to specifically target Secretary of State offices in states where Bush defeated Kerry by narrow margins.  The project so far claims that it has installed 11 of their 13 backed Secretary of State candidates in key states, including West Virginia, Missouri, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, and Ohio.[lix]   Jennifer Brunner, the Ohio Secretary of State who received $167,000 in funding from SoSP for her campaign, defied federal law in 2008 by refusing to verify 200,000 questionable new voter registrations.   


The radicals are targeting Secretaries of State offices because recent history suggests that the office can influence close elections.  In 2000, Florida’s Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, played a role in sealing George W. Bush’s presidential win.  In 2004, Ohio’s Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, chose not to count some provisional ballots, which some believe ensured a close Republican win in Ohio that gave Bush a second term.   In 2008, Minnesota’s Secretary of State, Mark Richie, assisted the razor-thin win of their Senate seat by Al Franken, which gave a supermajority in the Senate to the Democrats.   Richie had dismantled Minnesota’s ballot reconciliation process, so that in 2008, when there were 17,000 more ballots cast than voters who voted, there was no way to sort out the mess.   A watchdog group named the Minnesota Majority claims that Franken’s 312 vote margin of victory can be attributed to 1,400 votes cast illegally by convicted felons.[lx]   


Such machinations fit hand-in-glove with ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration efforts.  With fraudulent voter registrations comes the very real risk of fraudulent absentee ballots and other abuses.  The combined activities of ACORN and Soros’s SoSP are likely to result in third-world style voting irregularities. 


Another Soros machination that is consistent with ACORN efforts to create electoral system chaos is his support of a group called Progressive Campaigns, Inc (PCI).  This group is deceptively circulating petitions to create bogus “TEA Party” groups on state ballots, in order to siphon off votes that might otherwise go to Republican candidates.  The purpose is to divide conservative voters so that leftist candidates have a better chance to win.   PCI is paying professional signature gatherers one dollar for every signature they collect on these ersatz petitions.  No official TEA Party organization is behind these petitions.


Another way that ACORN harmed America involves home mortgages for high risk borrowers.  There were many factors that caused the meltdown of the American financial system in 2008, but a critical one was the massive number of risky mortgages that had been underwritten for low income home buyers who had very little collateral.  ACORN was deeply involved in this activity, which was yet another application of the Cloward-Piven Strategy of orchestrated chaos.


Let’s review the events that led to the mortgage meltdown.  The government’s effort to socialize the risk of mortgages and make them available to marginal borrowers goes back to 1938, when FDR created the federal lending agency, Fannie Mae.  A related organization called Freddie Mac was created in 1970.   These Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s) did not have to adhere to the same rigid capitalization and oversight requirements that bound most financial institutions.   Since these GSE’s, which purchased many of the mortgages issued by private lenders, had essentially a guarantee of solvency by the Federal Government, private lenders reasonably assumed that any risky lending on their part would be insulated by the GSE’s.  Since banks knew that they could offload risky mortgages to the GSE’s, they had little incentive to be careful about their lending.


The potential for risky mortgages dramatically increased in 1977 when Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which was signed into law by Jimmy Carter.  The Act was intended to mitigate presumed “redlining” discrimination against minority borrowers by requiring banks to offer credit throughout their marketing areas, regardless of borrower qualifications.  The CRA encouraged lenders to write mortgages for previously unqualified borrowers, backed by the implied guarantees of Freddie and Fannie.


In 1995, President Clinton strengthened the CRA by mandating that lenders issue more mortgages to subprime borrowers.  In effect, Clinton set quotas for banks to write mortgages for certain classifications of disadvantage borrowers.  Failure to meet these quotas would exclude offending lending institutions from access to federal funds or backing from Fannie and Freddie.  Clinton’s executive order also permitted Fannie and Freddie to lend up to 40 times their capital in mortgages, whereas normal banks could only lend ten times their capital.  The purpose of this was to increase the number of mortgages that could be underwritten, but the practical effect was to position the entire industry for catastrophic collapse if the real estate market went into a downward spiral.  By 2008, Fannie and Freddie owned about half of the $12 trillion in outstanding mortgages, which was an unprecedented concentration of debt and risk. 


In 2003, President Bush tried to modify Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rules to minimize loans to people who would not qualify under standard lending protocol.  In effect, he proposed rescinding the Clinton executive order that eased lending guidelines and increased the risk to the entire system.  Senate Democrats used the threat of filibuster to kill the effort.


In 2005, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan testified before Congress that Fannie and Freddie were houses of cards, because a recession would trigger a chain reaction of failed mortgages that would topple an over-leveraged financial empire.   He said, “We are placing the total financial system of the future at a substantial risk.” [lxi]


When the “Great Recession” started in 2007 and housing values plummeted, many of the risky mortgages went into default and foreclosure.  The over-leveraged financial industry had insufficient assets and reserves to absorb the losses.  The derivative investments based on the collateralized mortgages collapsed.  The financial markets seized up, leading to the biggest panic since the Great Depression.  While there were many contributing factors to this collapse, the CRA-mandated easing of lending guidelines was a major one, and it is relevant to the role that ACORN played in the mess.


ACORN used the CRA as a whip to encourage loans to low income home buyers.  Economist Stan Leibowitz wrote, “In the 1980’s, groups such as the activists at ACORN began pushing charges of redlining—claims that banks discriminated against minorities in mortgage lending.”[lxii] 


ACORN pushed the 1995 revisions signed by Clinton that sharpened the teeth of the CRA.  ACORN then used the hammer of “racial equity” under the CRA to force subprime loans to low-income, high-risk borrowers.  According to the New York Post: “A 1995 strengthening of the Community Reinvestment Act required banks to find ways to provide mortgages to their poorer communities.  It also let community activists intervene at yearly bank reviews, shaking the banks down for large pots of money.  Banks that got poor reviews were punished; some saw their merger plans frustrated; others faced direct legal challenges by the Justice Department.”[lxiii]  Senator Phil Gramm called the CRA “a vast extortion scheme against the nation’s banks.”[lxiv]


As this pressure from ACORN and others increased, flexible lending programs and subprime mortgages proliferated.  It was not uncommon for ACORN to push loans with hooks like “100 percent financing…no credit scores…undocumented income…even if you don’t report it on your tax returns.”[lxv]


An April 1995 Chicago Sun-Times article described ACORN’s tease for disadvantaged borrowers:  “You’ve got only a couple thousand bucks in the bank.  Your job pays you dog-food wages.  Your credit history has been bent, stapled, and mutilated.  You declared bankruptcy in 1989.  Don’t despair:  You can still buy a house.”[lxvi]  According to economist Stan Leibowitz, the current mortgage mess is “a direct result of an intentional loosening of underwriting standards—done in the name of ending discrimination, despite warnings that it could lead to wide-scale defaults.”[lxvii]


The dramatic expansion of risky mortgages culminated in the 2008 collapse of America’s two largest mortgage providers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which then led to a $700 billion federal bailout of the financial industry.  Fannie and Freddie’s backing of the risky mortgages minimized the risk to lenders and investors that otherwise might have put a brake on such lending.  As Bloomberg reported, “It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit.”[lxviii] At one point, almost half of the loans covered by Fannie and Freddie were classified as subprime. 


Amazingly, ACORN leader Wade Rathke claimed that ACORN’s use of the CRA as a hammer to proliferate subprime mortgages was their biggest achievement.   He took credit on behalf of ACORN for 7 million marginal loans resulting from CRA legislation.[lxix]  Middle class citizens who were financially devastated by the banking collapse probably considered ACORN’s involvement a disaster, not an achievement.   


Ironically, ACORN did an astounding public relations about-face in 2008.  They spent decades pressuring lending institutions to authorize risky mortgages for poor borrowers.  When the mortgage industry consequently collapsed, partially because the same poor borrowers went into foreclosure, ACORN accused the mortgage companies of predatory lending practices!


ACORN’s advocacy of lending to risky borrowers was often conducted in an uncivilized manner.  In the Alinsky tradition, ACORN pursued what Sol Stern described as “undisguised authoritarian socialism.”[lxx]  ACORN intimidated lenders by protesting at private businesses, harassing executives at their residences, and creating disturbances in bank lobbies to coerce loans for marginal borrowers.    


Part of ACORN’s revenue stream came from corporations that it intimidated into conciliatory settlements.  ACORN essentially ran an extortion racket, which brought in more money than it received from foundations and churches combined.[lxxi]  They chose a corporate target, attacked it with relentless negative publicity or threats of lawsuits, reached a financial settlement, and then began again with another target.  They called this model “Muscle for the Money..[lxxii]  Some ACORN insiders called it “protection,” implying comparison to classic mafia tactics.[lxxiii]  Shakedown targets included Sherwin-Williams, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, the Carlyle Group, and Money Mart.[lxxiv]


Another way that ACORN “muscled for the money” was to compel its organizers to go door-to-door in targeted (i.e., poor) neighborhoods to troll for membership dues.  Their hard-sell approach followed an instruction booklet that coached them on “door knocking basics.”[lxxv]   The manual essentially told them not to accept “no” for an answer.   To get to “yes”, they would promise to fight all of the “villains” that were oppressing the underclass, thus “rubbing raw the sores of discontent” in the fashion of Saul Alinsky.   If the poor person being recruited complained that the dues were too expensive, then organizers were instructed to offer alternative payment plans until the recruit succumbed and joined ACORN. 


ACORN’s intimidation tactics included assisting evicted residents to break into their former homes and become squatters, despite having defaulted on their mortgages.  ACORN and one client brazenly broke the foreclosure padlock off from a home in Baltimore and moved back in.  “This is our house now,” declared the ACORN representative.[lxxvi]   This trespassing fell under the umbrella of an ACORN initiative called “Home Savers,” which they planned at one point to expand to at least 22 cities.[lxxvii]


ACORN is turning its “orchestrated chaos” gun sights toward immigration “reform,” which is another opportunity for the rogue organization to continue its effort to collapse America from within.  ACORN is part of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which includes Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Service Employees International Union.  The coalition’s aim is to dramatically liberalize immigration policy.[lxxviii]  Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN, was invited to the White House for a strategy session on immigration reform. 


Liberalized immigration will be the most explosive version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  The stress of illegal immigration on many of our communities has been widely documented.  The crime, overcrowding, and systemic strain place a heavy burden on society and government.  Not only will liberalized immigration make these problems worse, if illegal immigrants are eventually granted citizenship, it will instantly create a huge pool of new voters eager to push for, and take advantage of, wealth-transfer programs and the politicians who support them.  As Rush Limbaugh put it, amnesty for illegal immigrants is nothing more than the largest voter registration drive in history.  It is a “Field of Dreams” for ACORN and their ilk. 


ACORN’s activities should make the blood of every middle-class American boil.  ACORN has a “decade-long history of voter fraud, embezzlement and misuse of taxpayer funds…,” Consumer Rights advocate James Terry testified to the House Judiciary Committee.[lxxix] 


ACORN’s hypocrisy is appalling.  They constantly troll for taxpayer funding, yet they have 200 liens for unpaid taxes totaling almost $4 million pending against them.[lxxx]  ACORN presses for living wage laws, yet they resisted paying such wages to their own workers.[lxxxi]  ACORN is staunchly pro-union, yet when Dallas ACORN workers tried to unionize in 2003, the National Labor Relations Board charged ACORN with unfair labor practices and forced them to rehire three fired employees who were organizing the union drive.  ACORN claims to be a defender of the underprivileged, to the point of instructing their activists to accuse critics of being racist, yet they throw low-paid minority employees to the wolves to insulate ACORN management from charges of fraud and illegalities. 


In 2009, U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released a report that declared: “The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud.  Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate.  Emerging accounts of widespread deceit and corruption raise the need for a criminal investigation of ACORN.”[lxxxii]


Here are highlights of this report:


  • ·         Dale Rathke, Wade Rathke’s brother, embezzled $948,607 from ACORN’s retirement and health care accounts.  ACORN never reported the embezzlement to external authorities.  The crime occurred in 1999, but was not uncovered until June 2008 because ACORN carried the theft as a “loan” on the books of a subsidiary organization. Drummond Pike, head of the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, eventually paid off Dale Rathke debt.  The ACORN board finally removed both Dale and Wade Rathke in 2008.


  • ·         ACORN conspired to use taxpayer funds for partisan political activity.


  • ·         ACORN defrauded the IRS and violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Issa said, “It is outrageous that ACORN will be rewarded for its criminal acts by taxpayer money in the stimulus and is being asked to help with the U.S. census.  This report shines a light on clear criminal conduct and it is abundantly clear that they cannot and should not be trusted with taxpayer dollars.”[lxxxiii] 


It is unlikely that a Congress or White House controlled by Democrats will seriously address ACORN’s malfeasances.  In 2009, Congress considered hearings on ACORN’s illegal activities, but Judiciary Chairman John Conyers told the Washington Times that an investigation would not happen because “the powers that be decided against it.”[lxxxiv]  Congressman Steve King of Iowa said those powers procedurally could only be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or President Obama.[lxxxv]  As we shall see shortly, it is quite clear why Barack Obama would choose not to investigate his “friends”. 


If and when an investigation of ACORN occurs, it is likely to be quite challenging.  In order to cover their tracks, ACORN operates hundreds of front groups.[lxxxvi]  Whenever there is an ethical problem or a legal violation involving one of these fronts, it is usually shut down and the offending members slither into another thicket of the ACORN forest. 


Some ACORN employees, known as the “ACORN Eight,” got fed up with the illegal activities and demanded an audit of ACORN books.  One of them, Marcel Reid, said, “ACORN has been hijacked by a power-hungry clique that has its own political and personal agendas.  We are fighting to take the group back.”[lxxxvii]


Anita MonCrief, a fired ACORN whistleblower, said that ACORN knew their organizers were submitting bogus voter registrations:  “I have knowledge that they were striving for at one time a 40% accuracy rate.”[lxxxviii]  MonCrief worked at Project Vote, an ACORN affiliate, in late 2007.  She provided sworn testimony in a lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania Republican Party that alleged:[lxxxix]


  • ·         ACORN was given lists of potential donors by several Democratic presidential campaigns, including Obama’s.  This likely violated ACORN’s non-partisan tax status.


  • ·         ACORN’s Project Vote development director Karyn Gillette was in contact with the Obama campaign while obtaining their donor list.  MonCrief testified she was given a spreadsheet to use for convincing maxed-out Obama donors to contribute to ACORN's registration efforts.


  • ·         E-mail between ACORN and its subsidiaries Project Vote and CSI described working on “Obama campaign-related projects.”


  • ·         ACORN/Project Vote official Nathan Henderson-James warned ACORN to prepare for “conservatives…gearing up a major oppo research project on Obama.”  Henderson-James obsequiously hedged his statement by writing, “Understand I’m not suggesting that we gear up to defend a candidate’s campaign.”


In March 2009, attorney Heather Heidelbaugh testified to a House Judiciary subcommittee that concerns about ACORN had not been properly investigated and had been squelched by the media.  Heidelbaugh, who was given information by Anita MonCrief, offered the following testimony:[xciii]


 “…she (Ms. MonCrief) informed me that she had been a confidential informant for several months to the New York Times reporter, Stephanie Strom, who had been writing articles about ACORN based on the information that she had provided.  The New York Times articles stopped when Ms. MonCrief, who is a Democrat and a supporter of the President, revealed that the Obama Presidential Campaign had sent its maxed out donor list to Karyn Gillette of the Washington, D.C. ACORN office and asked Gillette and Ms. MonCrief to reach out to the maxed out donors and solicit donations from them for Get Out the Vote efforts to be run by ACORN. Upon learning this information and receiving the list of donors from the Obama Campaign, Ms. Strom reported to Ms. MonCrief that her editors at the New York Times wanted her to kill the story because, and I quote, ‘it was a game changer.’ That’s when Ms. MonCrief telephoned me on October 21, 2008.  Ms. Strom never wrote another article about ACORN for the New York Times for the remainder of the period before Election Day, i.e. November 4, 2008.”


The New York Times published six ACORN articles written by Strom between July and October of 2008.  However, when Strom discovered that the Obama campaign had given its maxed out donors list to ACORN so that they could exploit the same contributors for “get out the vote” funding, the Times killed the project, just two weeks before the election.  This was likely due to concerns that the interaction between ACORN and the Obama campaign was illegal.  Strom told Anita MonCrief, “I have just been asked by my bosses to stand down.  They want me to hold off on coming to Washington.  Sorry, I take my orders from higher up sometimes.  Anyway, I’m sorry about this, and we’ll still be in touch….”[xciv]


ACORN is a rogue agent in America society.  It is the incarnation of Saul Alinsky’s radical vision.  It is the practical expression of its radical intellectual founders, Cloward and Piven.  It is an enemy of the middle class, because its constituents will use any means, legal or illegal, to transfer power and wealth to the underclass.  It is brandishing its weapon of orchestrated chaos to attack elements of our society that are very dear to us, including the electoral process, the mortgage financing system, and immigration law.  The rest of this chapter will examine Barack Obama’s considerable involvement with this rogue organization.





Barack Obama probably became exposed to the Cloward-Piven Strategy when he was an undergraduate student at Columbia University in New York City.  The strategy had certainly gained notoriety by then, particularly in New York City, which had recently been bankrupted by it.  Richard Cloward was still a Sociology professor at Columbia when Obama was enrolled.  Since Obama was majoring in Political Science, and since he had a penchant for associating with radical professors and students, it would have been very natural for him to study under Cloward or to associate with him.  It is impossible to verify this, because Obama refuses to release his Columbia records.  The Cloward connection may be one of the reasons why. 


Obama’s first job after getting his law degree was with Project Vote, which Time magazine called a “nonpartisan arm” of ACORN.[xcv]  He was hired to be the Chicago-based director of Project Vote in 1992.  It is possible that he was steered in this direction by Cloward, or perhaps by Bill Ayers, who was a fellow SDS member with Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN.


Obama’s Project Vote team registered 150,000 minority Chicagoans.[xcvi]  The T-shirts that Obama’s volunteers wore proclaimed, “It’s a power thing!,” which is consistent with Obama’s training by Alinsky acolytes earlier in his career.[xcvii]    


After Obama finished his Project Vote assignment, he helped train ACORN organizers and staff in the methods of Saul Alinsky.  He conducted leadership training sessions for ACORN intermittently between 1993 and 2003.[xcviii]  He was recruited for this role by Madeline Talbott, the director of the Chicago ACORN.[xcix]   The LA Times reported, “At the time, Talbot worked at the social action group ACORN and initially considered Obama a competitor.  But, she became so impressed with his work that she invited him to help train her staff.”[c]  According to Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Policy Center, Obama ran workshops to teach traditional Alinsky “direct action.”  Kurtz described “direct action” as heavy-handed tactics to intimidate lenders into giving “Ninja” loans—no income, no job, and no assets—to unqualified borrowers.  Talbott, recognizing Obama’s efforts, said, “Barack has proven himself among our members…we accept and respect him as a kindred spirit, a fellow organizer.”[ci]  


Obama represented ACORN in 1995 as their attorney in a lawsuit involving Illinois’s implementation of the Motor Voter Law.[cii]  The law, which allowed voter registration by postcard, had been resisted by Republican Governor Jim Edgars, who foresaw the potential for election fraud that was inherent in such a lax environment.  The law said government officials were “under orders not to ask anyone for identification or proof of citizenship.”[ciii]


In September 2005, U.S. Senator Obama sponsored a resolution expressing the “sense of Congress that any effort to impose photo identification requirements for voting should be rejected.”[civ]  This resolution complemented ACORN’s massive voter registration fraud.  If photo ID is not required, ill-intentioned voters can vote multiple times under phony names.  The potential for fraud is compounded if absentee ballots are used.


Obama also represented ACORN as an attorney in its 1995 efforts to force the expansion of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) authority under Clinton.  Investor’s Business Daily confirmed Obama’s involvement:  “The revisions also allowed for the first time the securitization of CRA-regulated loans containing subprime mortgages.  The changes came as radical ‘housing rights’ groups led by ACORN lobbied for such loans.  ACORN at the time was represented by a young public-interest lawyer in Chicago by the name of Barack Obama.”[cv]


In a related 1994 case known as Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank, Obama and other attorneys successfully litigated charges that Citibank was making too few loans to minority applicants.[cvi]  Obama argued that Citibank should be forced to make more subprime loans to borrowers who were poor credit risks. 


Obama helped funnel philanthropic money to ACORN.  When he sat on the board of the Woods Fund, they made annual grants of approximately $70,000 to ACORN from 2001 to 2005, for a total of $355,000.[cvii]  As director of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama also granted money to Madeline Talbott of Chicago ACORN.[cviii]


When Obama ran for Illinois State Senator in 1995, he developed a collaborative relationship with the socialist New Party.  Frances Fox Piven, coauthor of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, was a New Party member and a board member of the Democratic Socialists of America.  She became a member of Progressives for Obama when his political career broadened nationally.   


Obama’s involvement with ACORN’s subprime mortgage litigation connected him with key players in the lending industry.  In his few years as a U.S. Senator, Obama received campaign contributions of $126,349 from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This was more than any other legislator in America, except for the $165,400 received by veteran Senator Chris Dodd.[cix]  Fannie and Freddie clearly felt that they had a Congressional friend in Obama.


Obama’s presidential campaign staff included executives who were culprits in the financial system meltdown in 2008, including former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson and the CEO of the failed Superior Bank of Chicago, Penny Pritzker. 


Jim Johnson was forced to resign as the chair of Obama’s vice presidential search committee after a government oversight agency revealed that he had cooked Fannie Mae’s books during his tenure as CEO in order to exaggerate profits.[cx]  The exaggerated profits resulted in unwarranted bonuses for Johnson and other executives.  Additionally, Johnson improperly received more than $7 million in real estate loans at reduced rates from Countrywide Financial Corporation.[cxi]


Penny Pritzker was the Finance Chairperson of Obama’s presidential campaign.  The Superior Bank of Chicago failed when she was CEO, wiping out millions in uninsured savings of customers.  She was named in a RICO class action law suit and was described as the “Michael Milken of the subprime mortgage crisis” for packaging bad loans with good ones at Superior. [cxii] [cxiii]


In February 2009, Obama committed to bail out homeowners who irresponsibly signed mortgages they could not honor, using $275 billion of taxpayer money.  With grand socialist aplomb, he stated, “If we move forward with purpose and resolve--with a deepened appreciation for how fundamental the American dream is and how fragile it can be when we fail in our collective responsibilities--then I am confident we will…secure that dream for ourselves and for generations to come.”[cxiv]  It’s not clear what he meant by failed collective responsibilities.  Perhaps he was referring to his and ACORN’s involvement in the financial meltdown, or perhaps the involvement of his cohorts Johnson and Pritzker. 


ACORN assisted Obama during several election campaigns.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “In 1996, Mr. Obama filled out a questionnaire listing key supporters for his campaign for the Illinois Senate.  He put ACORN first (it was not an alphabetical list).”[cxv]  According to Chicago ACORN leader Toni Foulkes, “We have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office.  Thus, it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for state senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress.  By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends.”[cxvi]  ACORN executive Maude Hurd said that Obama was the candidate who “best understands and can affect change on the issues ACORN cares about”.[cxvii] 


In 2007, Obama expressed mutual feelings to a gathering of ACORN members: “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.”[cxviii]  ACORN’s PAC endorsed Obama for the presidency in February 2008, when Hillary Clinton was still the prohibitive favorite in the Democratic primaries.[cxix]


The collaboration between ACORN and Obama was not always on the proper side of the law.  In August 2008, Michelle Malkin reported that “there’s much more to the story of Obama’s amended campaign finance reports than what Obama and the Obamedia will tell you….What we have here, essentially, is Obama using a non-profit group called Citizens Services, Incorporated (CSI) as a front to funnel payments to ACORN for campaign advance work.”[cxx]


Before the Ohio primary in 2008, Obama became the first national politician to hire ACORN for get-out-the-vote services.  Obama’s campaign paid $832,598 to CSI.[cxxi]  CSI has the same 1024 Elysian Fields, New Orleans address as ACORN’s national headquarters.[cxxii]  The Obama campaign initially told the FEC that it had hired CSI to do “polling, advance work, and staging major events,” rather than the voter recruitment services they actually performed.[cxxiii]  The Obama campaign later amended its filing with the FEC.[cxxiv]  


ACORN is partially funded with federal tax money, so Obama’s use of an ACORN surrogate for partisan politics was at best a conflict of interest and at worst illegal.  Jim Terry, chief public advocate for the Consumer Rights League, said:  “ACORN has a long and sordid history of employing convoluted Enron-style accounting to illegally use taxpayer funds for their own political gain.  Now it looks like ACORN is using the same type of convoluted accounting scheme for Obama’s political gain.”[cxxv]


These shady practices appear to have been intentional.  Chicago ACORN leader Toni Foulkes declared, “ACORN is active in experimenting with methods of increasing voter participation in our low and moderate income communities in virtually every election.  But in some elections we get to have our cake and eat it too:  work on non-partisan voter registration and GOTV (get out the vote), which also turns out to benefit the candidate we hold dear.”[cxxvi]  In other words, the voters that they target to register are also the voters most likely to vote for their favored candidates.


In The Audacity of Hope, Obama expressed a clear understanding of how politicians manipulate election outcomes:  “A congressional district is drawn by the ruling party with computer-driven precision to ensure that a clear majority of Democrats or Republicans reside within its borders.  Indeed, it’s not a stretch to say that most voters no longer choose their representatives; instead, representatives choose their voters.”[cxxvii]  Obama’s incestuous relationship with ACORN demonstrated that some politicians not only choose their voters, they pick the organizations that register their chosen voters.   As Joseph Stalin put it, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything.”[cxxviii]


ACORN uses taxpayer money to conduct this Stalinist charade.  According to Michelle Malkin, “This left-wing group takes in 40% of its revenues from American taxpayers…and has leveraged nearly four decades of government subsidies to fund affiliates that promote the welfare state and undermine capitalism and self-reliance, some of which have been implicated in perpetuating illegal immigration and encouraging voter fraud.”[cxxix]  This is a form of suicide for middle-class taxpayers, because they are funding an organization committed to destroying the middle class. 


This middle-class suicide pact is just in its infancy.  Now that Obama is President and the Democrats control Congress, federal funding for ACORN appears to be increasing.  This is difficult to prove, given the labyrinthine organization structure of ACORN and the vast network of federally funded community grants.  However, an additional $5 billion was included in the federal budget for Community Development Block Grant programs and for Housing and Urban Development programs.  These are funding avenues that the affiliate groups under the ACORN umbrella have traditionally usurped.[cxxx]


The Obama administration selected ACORN in March 2009 to help the U.S. Census Bureau with the count in 2010.[cxxxi]  Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann expressed concern during an interview that information from the 2010 census will be abused.   She said the questions have become "very intricate, very personal," which is a particular concern if a lawless organization like ACORN participates in the census.[cxxxii]   “I know for my family the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home,” she said.  “We won't be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn't require any information beyond that.”[cxxxiii]


Let’s summarize.  When describing his relationship with ACORN in a debate with McCain, Obama told us, “It (ACORN) had nothing to do with us.  We were not involved.”   Nothing could be further from the truth.   As a trainer for ACORN, as a leader of ACORN’s Project Vote, as an attorney representing ACORN’s successful efforts to water down voter registration rules, as ACORN’s lawyer pushing risky mortgages, as a beneficiary of ACORN’s campaign assistance, as a philanthropic supporter of ACORN, and as President of the U.S. giving ACORN additional funding and broadened missions in our society, Barack Obama’s entire career has been intertwined with the radical group. 


Obama promised ACORN that it would have power in his administration.  “Before I even get inaugurated, during the transition, we’re going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda,” he told the Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum, a gathering of community organizers that included ACORN.[cxxxiv]  “We’re going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the United States of America.”[cxxxv]  He assured them that they would be actively involved in the first 100 days of his administration.


As usual, Obama spoke with forked tongue about his relationship with ACORN.  On the one hand, he assured us he “was not involved” in their activities.  On the other hand, here is what he told ACORN members in February 2008: “I come out of a grass-roots organizing background.  That’s what I did for three and half years before I went to law school.  That’s the reason I moved to Chicago was to organize.  So this is something that I know personally, the work you do, the importance of it.  I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.  Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”[cxxxvi]


How is it possible that Obama’s deception about ACORN escaped the attention of middle-class voters?  Negligence by the mainstream media is the primary reason.  Without the mass media’s shameless complicity and suppression of Obama’s radical background, he would still be an obscure Chicago community organizer or a petty Illinois politician.    


Obama and the mass media continued to ignore ACORN’s abominations even after damning videos surfaced in the summer of 2009 that highlighted ACORN’s willingness to help a posing pimp and prostitute cheat the IRS, set up a prostitution ring, facilitate underage sex, and bring illegal aliens across the border.  The videos by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles triggered criminal investigations by Attorneys General in several states, but not by Congress or the White House. 


When Fox News aired these videos, the fallout was brutal to ACORN.   Its brand became so tarnished that it feared contributors and partners would abandon them to avoid guilt by association.  “That 20-minute video ruined 40 years of good work,” said Sonja Merchant-Jones, former co-chairwoman of ACORN’s recently closed Maryland chapter.  “But if the organization had confronted its own internal problems, it might not have been taken down so easily.”[cxxxvii]


When cornered by a massive public outcry, both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate voted to de-fund ACORN in September 2009.[cxxxviii]  This was mere posturing, however, because these temporary stays of funding were scheduled to expire just a few months later.   Indeed, in December 2009, the House Appropriations Committee reversed its funding stay. 


ACORN sued the Federal Government over its September 2009 funding “ban”.  In December 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Nina Gershon issued a federal injunction against the ban, on the pretext that ACORN was “singled out by Congress for punishment that directly and immediately affects their ability to continue to obtain federal funding, in the absence of a judicial, or even administrative, process adjudicating guilt.”[cxxxix]  This was a bizarre ruling that suggested organizations have an inherent right to federal funding, and that Congress no longer has the right to determine how to spend taxpayer funds.  In a March 2010 memo, Peter Orszag, Obama’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, authorized government agencies to resume funding of ACORN as a result of Gershon’s ruling.[cxl]


While the federal funding question was being debated, ACORN began changing its identity in order to distance itself from damning publicity.  ACORN International officially changed its name to “Community Organizations International”.[cxli]  Then, state and local chapters began splitting off from the national group and changing their names.  A senior official close to the group declared, “ACORN has dissolved as a national structure of state organizations.  Consistent with what the internal recommendations have been, each of the states is developing plans for reconstitution, independence, and self-sufficiency.”[cxlii]  As examples, the New York chapter of ACORN changed its identity to “New York Communities for Change.”  The California Chapter of ACORN changed its name to “Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.”[cxliii] 


In March 2010, the ACORN board met and essentially dissolved its national structure.  According to spokesperson Kevin Whelan, ACORN was to close its remaining field offices in April 2010, and settle all outstanding obligations.[cxliv]   It appears that the national organization, including its website, was effectively idled on April 1, 2010.  It remains to be seen, however, what identity this chameleon-like group will assume next.  It is likely that a replacement organization will emerge to tap the flow of money from the federal government, leftist groups, and dues-paying members. 


Obama’s extensive, concealed relationship with ACORN is another compelling reason why the middle class ought to be deeply skeptical of him.  ACORN, like Obama, is hell-bent on driving major changes in our society that will ultimately decimate the middle class.  ACORN’s support for a larger welfare state, illegal immigration, voter fraud, subprime mortgages, and government-run health care are targeted directly at grabbing wealth and power from the middle class in America. 


Long ago, Ronald Reagan chastised welfare rights activists for the way that Big Government institutionalized poverty and perpetuated it as a way of life across generations.  As more and more of the underclass fall into this trap, more and more workers from the middle class will have to sacrifice their standard of living to support them.   As ACORN’s former leader Wade Rathke told Megyn Kelly of Fox News, “We do believe in equitable distribution of any benefits and rights people have”.[cxlv]   This comes dangerously close to the Marxist credo, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” 


In that same interview, Rathke confessed, “I am a dangerous guy.”[cxlvi]  In his new book, Citizen Wealth:  Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families, he challenged community organizers to continue overwhelming all federal aid programs.  One of the chapters, “The ‘Maximum Eligible Participation’ Solution,” describes a modern version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy based on widespread internet access to applications for government aid.[cxlvii]  This is an ominous foreshadowing that ACORN, in whatever guise it eventually assumes when it reconstitutes itself, will continue its mission to siphon wealth from middle-class taxpayers.


This attack on the middle class has been ongoing ever since the Cloward-Piven Strategy was published in 1966.  ACORN’s radical initiatives have pushed us closer toward the orchestrated chaos that Cloward and Piven hoped for.  With the advent of the Obama administration, we are seeing an explosion of new government intrusions that are diminishing our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and undermining the limited-government concepts in our Constitution.  The radicals in Washington are not uniters, they are incurable champions of class warfare in the classic mold of ACORN and Saul Alinsky.  As Cloward and Piven made clear, the intent of the Orchestrated Chaos Strategy is not to provide sinecures for the poor, but to duplicitously enlist the poor in a proletarian offensive to establish socialism in America. 


Obama sold a piece of his soul to the devil with his unholy, symbiotic association with the criminal organization ACORN.  He also sold pieces of his soul to many other devils, including the Ayers family, socialist organizations, Black Nationalists, Antoin Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, and, as we shall see in the next chapter, George Soros.


None of these devils are friendly to the middle class.  Rather, they are all expressly at war with the middle class.  And these devils collectively own Barack Obama’s soul.  He owes everything to them, and nothing to us.

 We’ve been had.

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