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Book Table of Contents

We’ve Been Had

How Obama and the Radicals Conned Middle Class America



Chapter One:       Meet the Enemies of the Middle Class

This chapter introduces the primary themes of the book, along with the radical associates and organizations that shaped Obama’s career and helped him win the Presidency.  These include Saul Alinsky, a variety of socialists and Black Nationalists, and George Soros, among many others.  The chapter explains how the middle class will be devastated by the Obama administration’s lurch toward big government and socialism.  Highlight:  Barack Obama is not the “new kind of politician” we thought we knew.  We should have paid more attention when he was rated as the most liberal Senator in 2007, because he is clearly not a unifier or a post-partisan leader.  America is more polarized than ever before.


Chapter Two:      Meet Barack Hussein Obama

This chapter outlines Barack Obama’s biography, in order to establish a chronological framework for the revelations that follow in later chapters.  It creates the hooks and foreshadowing for the dramatic and controversial topics to be presented as the book unfolds.  Highlights:  The popular but deceptive version of Obama’s life before 2004 is remarkably undocumented and filled with curious gaps and contradictions.  This chapter prepares the reader to anticipate the tidal wave of surprising and disturbing information exposed in subsequent chapters.


Chapter Three:    Meet Saul “The Red” Alinsky

This chapter introduces the socialist Saul Alinsky, who is the prototypical “community organizer” and the intellectual and spiritual forebear of the radical elements of today’s Democratic Party.  It describes how Alinsky invented the tactic of using and deceiving the middle class to advance a radical agenda.  It documents the extensive influence and formative power that Alinsky acolytes and organizations have had on Barack Obama.  Highlights:  Obama worked for, was trained by, and trained members of, various organizations spawned by Saul AlinskyObama’s campaign methods and administrative policies are unmistakable renditions of Alinsky’s anti-capitalist and deceitful “disorganizing” philosophy.   


Chapter Four:     Meet the Socialists

This chapter outlines a brief history of socialism in the U.S., and introduces many of the collectivists driving America’s shift toward big government today.  It documents Obama’s lifelong and deeply intertwined relationships with these Marxists, who are all passionately committed to destroying capitalism and the middle class.  Highlights:  Obama’s 2008 political platform was nearly identical to that of the Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA.  He has been surrounded for decades by veterans of the socialist Students for a Democratic Society, many of whom now occupy key positions in his administration.


Chapter Five:      Meet Radical Islam and Black Nationalism

This chapter outlines a brief history of Black Nationalism and radical Islam in the U.S., and introduces many of the leaders that are pushing these fringe movements into the heart of America’s political discourse.  It documents Obama’s lifelong and deeply intertwined relationships with these leaders, who have all declared war on western values.  It also illustrates the similarity of their world views and tactical ambitions with those of the socialists.  Highlight:  Obama has far deeper relationships with the Nation of Islam, Palestinians, and other radical Middle Easterners than revealed by the media or his campaign team.  This should raise concerns about his foreign policy regarding Iran, Iraq, and especially Israel. 


Chapter Six:        Meet the Ayers Family

This chapter introduces political godfather Thomas Ayers, his son William Ayers, and his daughter-in-law Bernardine Dohrn.  The latter two were domestic terrorists who emerged from the Students for a Democratic Society to violently push for socialist revolution in America and an end to the bourgeois middle class.  Dohrn was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, and Bill Ayers bombed the Pentagon.  Obama’s political career was facilitated at nearly every step by his associations with the Ayers family.  Highlight:  Obama collaborated closely with these cold-blooded killers for two decades, including working in the same office with William Ayers for three years funneling money to left-wing groups. 


Chapter Seven:    Meet Antoin Rezko

This chapter introduces Antoin Rezko, the Syrian real estate developer and scam artist who was deeply involved in the Blagojevich scandals and was convicted of 16 felonies, including bribing public officials.  Rezko was a key lieutenant of Jabir Herbert Muhammad, son of the Nation of Islam’s founder.  The chapter documents Obama’s decades-long co-dependency with Rezko, which included major campaign funding and the tainted acquisition of Obama’s mansion.  Highlight:  The felon Rezko helped fund five of Obama’s political campaigns, and was his largest campaign contributor.  Obama in turn helped Rezko and various cohorts with shady real estate deals.


Chapter Eight:      Meet ACORN

This chapter introduces the community “disorganizing” group called ACORN, along with its intellectual founders, professors Cloward and Piven, who pioneered the destructive philosophy of Orchestrated Chaos.  ACORN is a rogue element in American society dedicated to corrupting our electoral process, collapsing our financial institutions, and abetting illegal immigration.  The chapter documents Obama’s nearly continuous involvement with ACORN, as an employee, a consultant, an attorney, a philanthropy grantor, and a politician.  Highlight:  Obama was the lead attorney for ACORN in court cases that directly led to compromising the integrity of America’s voter registration process and to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. 


Chapter Nine:       Meet George Soros

This chapter introduces the renegade anti-American billionaire George Soros, who broke the bank of England and declared that unseating the Republicans was a matter of life and death.  It documents the sudden and remarkable support that the socialist Soros gave Obama in 2004 and 2008.  It reveals the massive subterranean political and media network that Soros manipulates to control the Democratic Party and election outcomes.   Highlights:  Shortly after Obama met with Soros in late 2007, he announced his candidacy for the presidency, and Soros announced his surprising support for Obama over the prohibitive favorite, Hillary Clinton.  Soros’s vast network of “527” organizations, to which he has contributed over $5 billion in the last three decades, was a major factor in getting Obama elected in 2008. 


Chapter Ten: Meet Your Future

This chapter examines programs and proposals launched by the Obama administration.  It connects the dots between Obama’s radical background, his current initiatives, and the momentum they are creating to remake America as a socialist state.  It documents how his policies are sacrificing liberty, bankrupting the government, and morphing our constitutional republic into an omnipotent state that will control our lives and obsolete the middle class.  Highlights:  The budget deficits created in just four years by the Obama administration are greater than the combined deficits of all previous presidents over the course of 234 years.  Scores of unaccountable czars have been appointed to co-opt the machinery of the American government.




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