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"Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls"


-- Voltaire

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It's a Wonderful Life

"You purchase pain with all that joy can give;

You die with nothing but a rage to live."

Pay heed to these words a wise poet said;

Your choice is to be happy or to be dead.


So what if you were dead, you might say?

Would life be any more or less than gray?

But take a closer look, my forlorn friend;

At what would be lost if you had never been.


The rest of us beg to know, does it make any sense?

For one with so much beauty, integrity, and intelligence,

For one who is loved and needed by so many of us,

To rue each passing moment with an unhappy grimace?


You were born to experience the joy of each day,

Not to whine and moan and wish it all would go away.

Awake each sunny morning and give thanks in prayer,

As you give and receive a cornucopia of love and care.


Audrey's Dream


I come spinning out of nothingness

To become such that dreams are made of

I am the Soul, the animating force of life

Compared to me the stars are but dots in the sky

I am in this world, but not of it

I create the universe with my mind

I am the thinker of the thoughts

I am the ghost in the machine



I move from life to life each day

With nothing but dust in between

I come and go in the twinkling of an eye

Recreated endlessly till beyond forever

Life after death repeated each hour

Regluing the universe together each second

I am creating a better self each minute

Life is glowing in my reflected beauty



Find the calm space between thoughts

Become alive by drifting off to sleep

Listen by becoming quieter than your breath

The world will explode inward upon you

Eavesdrop on the cosmic mind

Be still, and come to know God

In between stimulus and response

Lies my freedom to choose to be anything



Joy came with me out of creation

It is the hidden child in me lusting for life

Find beauty in every cell in your body

Experience God in a flower or a rainbow

Past and future are time-bound prisons

The present is the holy playground of life

Beyond right and wrong is an infinite field

Where we will meet to laugh and love



The lover and the loved are one

The mirror of you gives birth to my growth

I will pet, cuddle, and lovingly caress

For my love transforms itself into healing

Loving is a wholeness that transcends mortality

To love is to know the truth of re-creation

To find a nurturing mind, body, spirit partner

Is more than sentiment; it is to feel eternity



The universe is a sensuous cradle of life

My desires are seeds in the fertile ground

Taste and texture, form and color

Aflame in a ceaselessly reborn composition

Life is a torrent down a steep mountain

It is a lightning flash across the cosmos

Shed the enslaving chains of judgment

Embrace the burning ember of the naked soul



To discover self over self image

To find my spirit beyond my ego

Escape the hypnosis of social conditioning

Leap over the psychopathology of the average

Act by living out imagination, not memory

The separation between bondage and freedom

Be aware of the conditioning to be free of it

If I understand, then I will be understood



We hate only those who we are

Disease is born only in toxic thoughts

My tormentor today is myself

Left over from yesterday's decisions

Peace is found not by looking for it

But by never leaving my place of meditation

My soul sleeps in beams of warm light

Not to be disturbed by the nightmares of my day



Toxins wreak havoc with our physical being

Yet they pale in comparison to the spiritual ones

Shed the need for approval, or death will win

Abandon fear, or life will slip from my grasp

Ideas are the harbingers of death and disease

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

My body is a place my memories call home

My memories create this home and destroy it



Time is an illusion

Spirit is more real than time

Life is not found in the study of dying bodies

We are more than recycled air, water, and earth

Move away from the whole idea of clocks

Things physical are but migratory birds

Progress is not more ticks closer to death

But getting closer to where you want to be


Eternal Spirit

Our bodies are but moments in time

Our thoughts and memories are eternal

Every breath of mine absorbs the universe

Which absorbs me in its infinate possibilities

Past, present, and future are one

Re-creation has bequeathed eternity to me

What's before the beginning?

What's after the end?



Life pours out of creation like a torrent

It is a lightning flash across the firmament

We are wisps of quantum nothingness

Yet our being animates the universe

We are the creators of tomorrow’s visions

Not just the sums of yesterday’s decisions

Live out not memory but imagination

To escape from bondage into liberation

Burst the chains of social conditioning

To earn the freedom to become anything

Beyond right and wrong is an open field

Where love and wisdom are revealed

Past and future are prisons timebound

The present is life’s holy playground

Living is not counting ticks closer to death

But seeing ripe possibility in every breath


Packing Material

I set out to empty my room today

To cleanse it of you

I packed it all away

There was nothing else I could do

The mug

Oz, the city where dreams come true

My lips to drink, while thinking of you

I packed it away

The cards

Heartfelt thank you's and I love you's

Touched me always, and chased away the blues

I packed them away

The elephant

Stuffed, but alive with the spirit of Yuri

A spirit that you once knew through me

I packed it away

The letters

Words that poured from soul to soul

A transfusion of love that made me whole

I packed them away

The pictures

Images of a queen, visions of a daffodil

A special loveliness that I remember still

I packed them away

A toy car

Frivolous, insane, but drenched with meaning

Resurrecting youth and joy that had been waning

I packed it away

The scraps

Little bits of paper, notes scrawled in your hand

Like you, they slipped through my fingers as if sand

I packed them away

The calendar

A keeper of time, which itself is unkeepable

The month frozen at August; it was always impossible

I packed it away

The poems

Music written for a dancer named Audrey

Music that set my creative essence free

I packed them away

The Introspection gift

A treasure from you that defined us both

A haunting image of a teenaged ghost

I packed it away

The pumpkin

A symbol of a magical spell that once bound

To have lost means something was once found

I packed it away

The packing material

Stuff that other people carelessly throw away

Priceless to me, since that is all I have left today

I packed it away

I packed and packed, till my arms were weary

I looked in an unseen mirror; the reflection was dreary

And finally the room was barren, as barren as my soul

I had packed it away


Walking With Audrey

I will walk with you....

You who shared my book, then saw love start

With a dialogue between my head and my heart

The Poet shouted in my ear to sieze the day

Your mind, body, and spirit carried me away

I will walk with you....

Through the park and bus stop, whispering JCK's

Listening to talking frogs and singing Cranberries

Making for you a garland of letters and poems

Yuri inspiring me to dream impossible dreams

I will walk with you....

My Princess, my Cinderella at the castle

Mo Choill, my Lara, my burning candle

A Prince am I, your endearing qualities to sing

To be your hero, the wind beneath your wings

I will walk with you....

Behind us footsteps, a warm trail of love leaving

Ahead a vision, a path of joy and passionate living

Introspective, heading East into eternity with a woman

Whose image and spirit long ago spilled from my pen

I will walk with you....

Into a shimmering world of beauty and splendor

Moving, breathing, feeling, and living together

Wild wind in our hair, torrid heat the sun sends

Choosing to linger in an August that never ends

I will walk with you....

Into a special communion of hot sensual pleasure

Embracing, kissing, and loving the woman I treasure

Ecstacy harnessed, falling asleep with you in my arms

A country cupboard full of intimacy and charms

I will walk with you....

Hand in hand, two halves becoming whole

Skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul

Step by step, down the golden path we wander

A road, more magical than Oz, to many a wonder

I will walk with you....

Day after day, alongside my pretty flamingo

Climbing the mountain of life so we may grow

With friends Ayn, Nathaniel, Stephen, and Emmet

You and I have learned so much since we met

I will walk with you....

Into the teeth of the fiercest storms Fate can send

My irreplaceable Soul Mate I've sworn to defend

We will purchase joy with all that pain can give

And cheat Death with nothing but a rage to live

I will walk with you....

T'il a million Tuesdays have gone away

Long after we have been touched by gray

We have been cast as a modern Romeo and Juliet

The best years of our lives are ahead of us yet