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"To be free, not only from nationalism but also from all the conclusions of organized religions and political systems, is essential if the mind is to be young, fresh, innocent, that is, in a state of revolution; and it is only such a mind that can create a new world -- not the politicians, who are dead, nor the priests, who are caught in their own religious systems."


-- J. Krishnamurti

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Welcome to "Truth is a Pathless Land". 


This website is dedicated to honest, unfiltered expositions about life and how humans relate to each other and the universe.  The title of the website was chosen from the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.  It is meant to set a tone for the musings contained herein.  Truth is not the exclusive domain of any religion or any political philosophy, because they all contain elements of unconscious dogma and all are instinctively biased toward suppressing free inquiry.  Truth stands independent of all organizations and social entities.   Truth resists all attempts to "find the one true path" , to exalt a messiah, or to genuflect to an "ism".  Truth permeates all of creation, and is not bounded by paths or leaders or creeds, which can only serve to exclude, censor, or ignore aspects of reality.  The search for truth does not require following anyone.  It does not require faith.  It simply requires a free and detached inquiry into the nature of our existence. 

This unfettered pursuit of truth is very hard to do.  We are all held captive by our cultures, our histories, our churches, our nations, our families, and our fears.  Breaking free of these intellectual shackles is a tremendous challenge that requires great courage and steadfast willingness to stand apart, if necessary.   But it is not until one stands alone from these institutions that reality emerges with startling clarity, no longer jaded by blind habits, ritualistic attachments, and fearful conformance.  Abandoning the suffocating embrace of accumulated biases is both exhilarating and terrifying.  Please join me in wandering into this pathless land.